【Industry Information】 PCB micro drills benefit from 5G related applications, and market demand is strong

Prosperous Topoint Technology 5G application orders are announced to enter the medical implant market

Thanks to the booming shipment of drill bits for 5G-related applications, Topoint Technology (8021), a major PCB drill manufacturer will have a peak  fourth quarter this year. At the same time, Topoint Technology will participate in the TPCA Show this year, except for 5G Netcom/Server Coated Drills that the market is concerned about. 

New products such as ABF, FC chip-coated drill bits, etc. are now entering the medical market with the launch of medical implant drill bits. In the future, the company will continue to advance high-value-added products and further increase profits.

Topoint Technology exhibited the latest ABF FC Flip Chip Carrier Chip Coated Drill Bits. Photo by Yang Yufei

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In the first half of 2020, Topoint Technology had a profit of 84 million yuan after tax, and a net profit after tax of 0.59 yuan per share. September 2020 revenue was 274 million yuan, a record high this year. In the third quarter, self-consolidated revenue was 800 million yuan, an increase of 8.8%, an annual increase of 2.8%. However, the cumulative revenue of September 2019 was 2.133 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.1%.

Looking back at the three businesses of PCB drill bits, drilling services, and cutting tools, they accounted for 55%, 39% and 5% of the third quarter's revenue respectively. With the peak season demand, the utilization rate increased compared with the previous quarter. Topoint Technology has implemented its focus and convergence strategy since last year, and has seen significant results in improving operating profit. Driven by both the growth of gross profit margin and operating margin, operating profit in the second quarter and the first half of the year increased by 25.9% and 39.9% respectively.

Topoint Technology said that in accordance with the established operating plan, this year, they increased the drill bit  production capacity by about 10%. 

Topoint Technology exhibited 8 advanced products this year. It is worth mentioning that in addition to 5G, high-speed computing, servers and other application fields, it also launched medical products, officially marching into the medical market, targeting medical implants. The drill bits, the developed biocompatible metal series and zero-corrosion, low-heat effect ceramic series products are currently being actively sampled, hoping to expand the Global market for the company's product applications.

They are optimistic about the growth of the 5G industry and launched 5G Netcom and server coated drill bits. The 5G substrate has the characteristics of high frequency, thick plate, and high-level data. The sharp points correspond to product needs. We develop high aspect ratio and wear-resistant series drill bits to provide customers with better processing accuracy and hole wall quality requirements. Nandian, Jingsus, Xinxing, etc. have greatly expanded their production capacity of ABF substrates, which also brought more orders for Topoint TechnologyTopoint Technology launched ABF FC chip coating drill pins, which are specially designed for FC (Flip Chip) flip chip ABF material plates. The drill bit has high hole limit, high precision and excellent hole wall quality characteristics.

In addition, there is also a requirement for high aspect ratio coated drill bits, mainly in response to the needs of high-level boards, respectively, for soft boards, IC module micro-hole super high-rise thick plates, and HLC small-hole super high-rise thick plates, which will effectively increase the number of stacks and processing output.

Topoint Technology also displayed a brand-new coated drill pin, which uses a new type of film technology to improve the wear resistance and lubricity of the film. It can be processed on various plates such as carrier board, HDI, HLC, RPB, FPC, etc. The quality level of the hole wall is significantly improved, and the processing efficiency is greatly improved. (Yang Yufei/Report from Taipei)

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