【Dahyoung News】Expend tens of millions to add more experimental equipment! All the way to the forefront of Taiwan's vacuum coating industry

A glimpse of how DAH YOUNG has gone through 53 years in the unpopular industry of vacuum coating equipment, and how we continue with break through technology?

DAH YOUNG’s thin film laboratory provides a complete platform with self-developed equipment and a variety of thin film measuring instruments, professional R&D team, operating environment and rich film development experience, allowing you to collaborate with advanced coating technology and applications. Cooperate and learn about our full range of surface treatment solutions to meet any of your unique film needs.

Newly Developed Experimental Equipment_________________________________________________________

Invest heavily in the development of new experimental equipment to assist customers in early development

The experimental equipment can be used to plate thin films with a smooth surface and a dense film structure, and can adopt a low-temperature process. It has the advantages of high hardness, high bonding force, and multi-element combination. High-performance coating with hardness, especially suitable for precision cutting tools, biomedical equipment, auto parts and other industries.

Professional Thin Film Testing Equipment _________________________________________________________

A variety of film-related professional testing instruments, providing the film layer that meets the needs of customers for the most professional and precise film layer solution

The research properties of thin films in DAHYOUNG's Film Laboratory are divided into chemical properties, physical properties, and mechanical properties. The instrument category is divided into measuring instruments (film measurement, hardness and adhesion measurement, color measurement, electrical quality measurement, solar cell characteristic measurement) and test instruments (abrasion test, boiling test, tensile fatigue test) ) to provide you with the best film solution.

Customer Case _______________________________________________________________________________________

Mechanical Parts

- Wear-resistant coating has a decorative effect -

PCB drill pin

- Improve hardness, wear resistance and extend service life -