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1 Color on fine elegant metal watches DLC diamond-like carbon coating. 2021-09-27
2 【Dahyoung News】DAH YOUNG 's "Smart Monitoring Process Technology Development Plan for High Density Plasma Mass Production Equipment" was approved by the "Ministry of Economic Affairs A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Hardening Chain-Internat 2021-05-27
3 【Dahyoung News】Expend tens of millions to add more experimental equipment! All the way to the forefront of Taiwan's vacuum coating industry 2021-05-07
4 Solar Battery 2021-03-24
5 【Dahyoung News】Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA: Dah Young eyes semiconductor, biomedicine industries with new DLC-film & HiPIMS equipment 2021-03-11
6 【Dahyoung News】DAHYOUNG 2021 × Advanced Thin Film Process: HiPIMS & DLC 2021-02-09
7 【Dahyoung News】Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020-12-23
8 【Industry Information】 PCB micro drills benefit from 5G related applications, and market demand is strong 2020-11-06
9 【Dahyoung News】Dah Young Vacuum was selected as an Iconic company of "Smart Car Millimeter Wave Radar Car Badges Coating Equipment" 2020-11-03
10 【Dahyoung News】DAH YOUNG joined Biomedical Implant Digital Processing Platform Technology Alliance (ABI) 2020-08-24
11 【Industry Information】Eleventh International Conference on Fundamentals and Industrial Applications of HIPIMS 2020 2020-07-10
12 【Industry Information】REACH Imposes strict conditions over the use of hexavalent chrome : authorization period ending in 2024 2020-01-02