【Dahyoung News】Dah Young Vacuum was selected as an Iconic company of "Smart Car Millimeter Wave Radar Car Badges Coating Equipment"

 "Smart car transparent car badges metal effect-Introduction to NCVM coating"

DahYoung Vacuum Intelligent Automotive Millimeter Wave Radar Car Badges Coating Solution:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one of the smart vehicle technologies that are actively developed by major automakers, and has been used as a standard feature of many commercially available models.

ADAS is composed of multiple systems, including Blind Spot Detection System, Backup Parking Aid System, Rear Crash Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, Collision Mitigation System, Adaptive Front-lighting System, Night Vision System, Adaptive Cruise Control System, Pre Crash System, Parking Aid System and many other functional systems. 

The ADAS system millimeter-wave radar sensor is generally mounted behind the automobile emblem on the front of the automobile to maintain its aesthetic design. However, the traditional metal chrome plating process has electromagnetic shielding characteristics and
 poor radar penetration. DahYoung Vacuum's NCVM non-conductive technical solution can be used to improve the radio wave penetration.