DAHYOUNG was established in 1968 and has been devoted to the PVD vacuum batch coating technology field for over 50 years. In 1995, DAHYOUNG expanded it's Batch coating line of equipment to include R2R equipment by purchasing Darly Custom Technology Inc. of the United States to obtain important key technologies in the flexible electronics industry and invest in high-precision R2R winding. Along with our R&D facility and production of batch and R2R vacuum coating equipment, which integrates multiple vacuum coating technologies, DAHYOUNG is the leading vacuum coating equipment manufacturer in Taiwan.

DAHYOUNG has an experienced independent R&D team and laboratory facility. Simultaneously we closely collaborate with academic and research units, through technical exchanges and cooperation to develop innovative technologies, and become a leader in advanced film manufacturing. From the early PVD evaporation (Evaporation) and PECVD superposition film technology, to the unique domestic high-power pulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) and inductively coupled plasma source assisted reactive sputtering technology, DAHYOUNG continues to develop and manufacture equipment for our customers to become industry pioneers.

We are committed to providing coating solutions for various industries, assisting customers by increasing the value of their products, and applying technological achievements to semiconductors (IC, packaging), biomedicine (implants, precision parts), and electronic products (mobile phones, millimeter wave radar car logos) ), optoelectronics, optics, molds, cutting tools and other industries. DAHYOUNG continues to maintain the vitality of research and innovation, the spirit of courage to challenge, and develop more advanced coating technologies to promote them all over the world.