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【Dahyoung News】Dah Young held international forum on high-density plasma coating and process control, leading the development of technology.
Summary: Taiwan-Germany cross-border cooperation brings together nearly 200 business representatives, experts, and guests to promote sustainable industry development. March 18, 2023, 14:44:34 Economic Daily News, Chen Xuan Yu  The "2023 International Forum on High-Density Plasma Coating and Process Control" was held on March 14th in the Ninth International Conference Hall of Feng Chia University. The forum was organized by Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., the Plasma Technology Research Center of Feng Chia University, Germany's Fraunhofer IST, and PLASUS GmbH, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' A+ Enterprise Innovation Research and Development Incubation Project. The event combined the results of Taiwan-Germany joint innovation research and development projects with top experts from various fields, attracting nearly 200 business representatives, experts, and guests, making the event a resounding success." The "2023 International Forum on High-Density Plasma Coating and Process Control" attracted nearly 200 business representatives, experts, and guests. Photo provided by Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. The event aimed to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field, drive technological innovation and industry development. In addition to keynote speeches by Dr. Ralf Bandorf from Fraunhofer IST and Professor Jyh-Wei Lee from Ming Chi University of Technology, the forum also invited Professor Yoshinobu Kawai from Kyushu University in Japan, Dr. Thomas Schutte and Dr. Jan-Peter Urbach from the German instrument maker PLASUS GmbH, Manager Sam Kuo the Industrial Technology Research Institute's International Division, Professor Chien-Jen Tang and Dr. Ping-Yan Hsieh from Feng Chia University, Dr. Sung-Mao Chiu from the Metal Industries Research and Development Center, and Tung-Jung Wu, Vice President of the advanced industry leader ULVAC, to share their practical experiences related to plasma and coating technology. They discussed the latest research results and technological advances in related fields such as plasma coating and process control. In addition, there were also exhibitor booths showcasing new products and technologies such as coating equipment, power supplies, plasma monitors, and spectrometers, providing more opportunities for interaction and cooperation among attendees. The general manager of the organizer, Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd., Yao-Kuang Yang (8th from the right), and the director of the Plasma Technology Research Center at Feng Chia University, Chu-Liang Ho (8th from the left), took a group photo with the forum speakers and guests from the industry. Photo provided by Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. As the global demand for carbon reduction and zero emissions in industry and supply chains continues to increase, the advantages of plasma coating technology have become more prominent. With continuous efforts from industries, academia, and research institutions worldwide, plasma coating technology has evolved to provide coating materials with stronger functionality, more reliable manufacturing methods, and more energy-efficient control methods. The forum has also received attention and coverage from numerous media outlets, further promoting the popularization and application of high-density plasma coating technology. Dah Young's staff (right) explains to the attendees about the displayed optical coating samples - anti-reflective coating, AR conductive film, long wave pass filter, bandpass filter, linear gradient filter, and color filter. Photo provided by Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. News Source:
10 Feb
2023 International Forum of High-Density Plasma Coatings and Process Control
Motive & Goal Plasma coating technologies cover a wide range of applications, including semiconductors, displays, optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, aerospace, biomedical and consumer product industries. They value up the existing products to ultimate performance or make the impossible products to become possible, fulfilling the unmet needs of industries. Moreover, global net-zero trend has let plasma coating technologies be as very important alternatives to conventional routes. On the other hand, the plasma coating technologies are evolving, making themselves more powerful, reliable and energy saving. Currently, the key to successful plasma coating technologies involves high-density plasma coating system integration, R&D of new coating materials, as well as intelligence control. As such, DAH YOUNG Vacuum Equipment Co, Ltd., Institute of Plasma, Feng Chia University, Fraunhofer IST and PLASUS GmbH joined together, under the support from A+ Industrial Innovative R&D Program of Department of Industrial Technology of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs and Federal German Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) of German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to carry out a DE-TW project with fruitful outcome. Therefore, we invite speakers from universities, research institutes and industries together with us to share the latest plasma coating technologies. Greatly welcome your participation!