27 May
【Dahyoung News】DAH YOUNG 's "Smart Monitoring Process Technology Development Plan for High Density Plasma Mass Production Equipment" was approved by the "Ministry of Economic Affairs A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Hardening Chain-Internat
DAH YOUNG 's "Smart Monitoring Process Technology Development Plan for High Density Plasma Mass Production Equipment" was approved by the "Ministry of Economic Affairs A+ Enterprise Innovation R&D Hardening Chain-International Innovation R&D Cooperation Program" DAH YOUNG 's "Smart Monitoring Realized Process Technology Development Plan for High-density Plasma Mass Production Equipment", introduces foreign advanced intelligent control exclusive technology, strengthens DAH YOUNG 's research and development capabilities in equipment intelligence, and develops smart monitoring capabilities. Density plasma mass production thin film equipment, including winding coating equipment and batch-type high-power pulse magnetron sputtering equipment, is in line with Industry 4.0 standards , advancing vacuum coating equipment and its products more towards cutting-edge high-value technology, and driving the development of domestic related industries towards international market access. The vacuum plasma thin film process is one of the key technologies in today's technological development. From the everyday common livelihood industry, the semiconductor industry, and even the Internet of Things and long-term health care, it can be seen in applications of various fields. Among them, the development of advanced coating systems and novel coating materials are the cornerstone of the future development of science and technology. In the vacuum plasma thin film process, the film produced by the high-density plasma process has a leap forward compared with the traditional coating process. Therefore, how to infiltrate the basic research of high-density plasma technology into industrial applications, and even make it highly automated and intelligent, to greatly improve the reproducibility of the overall process, has been the goal that the industry has been pursuing in recent years. DAH YOUNG 's independent R&D team has been deeply engaged in plasma technology for a long time, so it has been favored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and won the "A+ of the Ministry of Economic Affairs" Enterprise Innovation and R&D Hardening the Chain-International Innovation and R&D Cooperation Project". Through this international innovative research and development program, DAH YOUNG will closely integrate with the German Institute for Surface Technology (IOT), Technical University of Braunschweig, Fraunhofer IST, PLASUS, and Institute of Plasma, Feng Chia University. The vacuum coating industry brings technological breakthroughs.
07 May
【Dahyoung News】Expend tens of millions to add more experimental equipment! All the way to the forefront of Taiwan's vacuum coating industry
A glimpse of how DAH YOUNG has gone through 53 years in the unpopular industry of vacuum coating equipment, and how we continue with break through technology? DAH YOUNG’s thin film laboratory provides a complete platform with self-developed equipment and a variety of thin film measuring instruments, professional R&D team, operating environment and rich film development experience, allowing you to collaborate with advanced coating technology and applications. Cooperate and learn about our full range of surface treatment solutions to meet any of your unique film needs. Newly Developed Experimental Equipment_________________________________________________________ Invest heavily in the development of new experimental equipment to assist customers in early development The experimental equipment can be used to plate thin films with a smooth surface and a dense film structure, and can adopt a low-temperature process. It has the advantages of high hardness, high bonding force, and multi-element combination. High-performance coating with hardness, especially suitable for precision cutting tools, biomedical equipment, auto parts and other industries. Professional Thin Film Testing Equipment _________________________________________________________ A variety of film-related professional testing instruments, providing the film layer that meets the needs of customers for the most professional and precise film layer solution The research properties of thin films in DAHYOUNG's Film Laboratory are divided into chemical properties, physical properties, and mechanical properties. The instrument category is divided into measuring instruments (film measurement, hardness and adhesion measurement, color measurement, electrical quality measurement, solar cell characteristic measurement) and test instruments (abrasion test, boiling test, tensile fatigue test) ) to provide you with the best film solution. Customer Case _______________________________________________________________________________________ Mechanical Parts - Wear-resistant coating has a decorative effect - PCB drill pin - Improve hardness, wear resistance and extend service life -
11 Mar
【Dahyoung News】Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA: Dah Young eyes semiconductor, biomedicine industries with new DLC-film & HiPIMS equipment
Dah Young eyes semiconductor, biomedicine industries with new DLC-film & HiPIMS equipment Source:Taiwan External Trade Development Council Revise Date:2021-02-24 Dah Young, an experienced PVD coating equipment manufacturer, has recently adopted the latest high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) technology as well as diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating technology and released its latest sputtering equipment, in the hopes of offering better coating services in the regards of hardness and adhesion strength, a very needed technology especially in the industries of semiconductor and biomedicine. Such functional coating technology development has been successfully applied to many compartments and products, such as printed circuit board (PCB) micro drills, integrated circuit (IC) test probes and medical devices, the Taichung-based company said in a recent statement. Unlike conventional DC sputtering technology, the HiPIMS technology can achieve no-porosity, high-density and well-crystalline deposition when coating. With high-power pulsed current, the plasma can provide PVD coating at a low substrate temperature with better results, a technology seen to be mainstream, it added. The power supply plays a critical part in the HiPIMS technology. Dah Young’s DYHC series uses independent DC power supply, accumulating electrical energy in a special capacitor before releasing it into a transistor control system. This way, high-density plasma can be generated, the chance of poisoning the target can be lowered, and the durability of the target can be enhanced. “It hence greatly lowers the coating cost,” the company noted. The machine manufacturer has always been taking pride in its DYHC sputtering series, touting that the plasma can be as dense as 1018~19e-/m3 with an ionization rate of 70-100 percent and duty ratio of lower than ten percent, and peak power density is higher than 1kw/cm2. This means the coating film can be very compact, adhesive, smooth and anti-erosive, while the flexible substrates can be applied, such as PEN or PET, the company added. The DLC-film developed by Dah Young, unlike many of its other competitors’with DLC a-C:H coating and DLC ta-C coating, can be as thick as 3um to 10um, with a fixed hardness of at least 1,500HV. The other favorable advantages Dah Young can assure include the heat tolerance at 450 degrees Celsius, hardness of even more 3,000HV and a coefficient of friction of lower than 0.1. No dangerous gases are used in the process, the company noted. DLC coating technology can produce the world’s hardest film of its kind, with its hardness, wear-resistance, and low friction similar to that of diamond, hence the name. It can handle more delicate substrates that are sensitive to high temperatures (lower than 200 degrees Celsius), obviously increase the performance of any hard parts, dissipate heat at a faster speed with its high thermal conductivity, and hence significantly improve processing efficiency. With different processing adjustments, such a technology can be widely applied to any commercial fields, such as the industries of semiconductor, energy, mechanic processing, molding, biomedicine, etc. Few may know that such a technology is extensively used in the biomedicine industry, as any medical devices/equipment or even disposable products that require sterilization would need such a coating. Enjoying over fifty years of market expertise, acquiring the U.S.-based Darly Custom Technology in 1995 to expand into the Flexible Electronics industries. Dah Young has been developing diversified coating equipment and technology widely applied to many industries, electronic products, automobile parts, electro-optics and the semiconductor industry. With the latest HiPIMS technology, “we aim to become a film coating process pioneer,” the company said in the statement. Dah Young is devoted to the industry, having won many certificates and awards around the world with its patented technologies. The company also emphasizes cooperation among the public and academic sectors, jointly developing machines and systems with local universities. Vowing to offer its customer the tailor-made support and service, Dah Young keeps providing the most advanced vacuum coating equipment and technology service available, from Evaporation to PECVD to HiPIMS. It integrates the core vacuum coating technology with various processes and new equipment technology, aiming to become the leader in vacuum coating industry. “By cooperating with our associated partners in electronic products, automobile parts, electro-optics and the semiconductor industry, we are able to develop the most advanced coating applications and satisfy the various needs of our customers,” the company said, adding that it now has business partners in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Source: