Dah Young

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Based on "thin film design and plasma technology", we are committed to working with customers to create industrial upgrades

Dah Young is a vacuum coating equipment manufacturer established in 1968. It has been deeply engaged in providing customers with the latest and best coating solutions for more than half a century. At present, more than one thousand Dah Young Vacuum coating equipments are in continuous operation around the world.

Dah Young Vacuum has an experienced R&D team, professional thin film laboratory, and has long-term combined domestic and foreign industry-academic research resources to maintain the R&D energy that keeps pace with the times. Dah Young has experienced the development of the first optical coating equipment  in Taiwan in 1974, the transfer of vacuum gauges from  National Science Council, the first vacuum high-temperature furnace, the introduction of the latest flexible electronic R2R coating technology, the development of the world renowned NCVM mobile phone coating technology, the first hybrid coating technology and the latest optical coating technology quality film technology in 2021. Dah Young Vacuum, which has been pursuing innovation and exploring new technologies for half a century, is the leader in the field of industrial coating in Taiwan.

The capability of independently developed equipment with both hardware and software is synchronized.
The equipment is durable, highly adaptable to the environment, reasonably priced and easy to operate.
Assist in film development, create product value, and create a technological partner for industrial upgrading.
Closely link industry and academia resources to provide breakthrough coating technology and solutions.