Blue Surface or Atomized of lamp

Automobile lamps act as an important safety role while driving. Hence, the quality, reflection brightness and the lighting range of automobile lamp greatly affect the visibility and safety of the driving conditions. Nowadays, LEDs and xenon remain the main brighten material using on the automobile lamp. Therefore, the luminance is controlled by the optical model design and the brightness of the reflection layer of the lamp, so the quality of the reflective film layer is a vital point of automobile lamp.
Actual Case from Customers
In the beginning, the product, coated with aluminum and top coating could pass all the environmental test such as the appearance, adhesion, soaking into the 40℃ of water test and other testing performance. as shown in the picture (1). However, after the lighting test, the product gradually turned bluish and atomized. As shown in the picture (2),The yield rate decreased to 30% left only. The customer couldn’t solve the problem on their own after a series of experimental test for a period of time. They then requested DAH YOUNG for solving the problem and raise the yield rate to 90% eventually. After confirming the situation of the production line, the condition of the blue surface and atomized surface we DAHYOUNG clarified the causes and proposed solutions to the customer instantly. The yield rate of the product then enhanced significantly from 30% to over 98%, as shown in the picture(3), so that the customer finally could deliver the product fluently.


Picture (1):The reflection surface looked normal before lighting test.


Picture (2):The surface turned blue and atomized after lighting test,and the yield rate was 30%


Picture (3):After improvement, the lamp could pass all the environmental test.