【Industry Information】REACH Imposes strict conditions over the use of hexavalent chrome : authorization period ending in 2024

The Commission continues to work with EU countries and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to continuously limit the risks posed by chemicals to human health and the environment in the context of the EU's REACH regulation – the most comprehensive chemicals legislation in the world.

15th February 2019, EU countries' representatives in the REACH Committee agreed to the Commission's proposals to further reduce workers' exposure to 2 chemical substances of very high concern, following recommendations by ECHA. The decision will oblige companies that have applied to use chromium trioxide, a substance of very high concern due to its carcinogenic properties, to implement strict risk management procedures for various uses of the substance in the automotive, aerospace and other sectors.

It also gives these companies a maximum of 7 years to reassess the availability of safer alternatives or substitute the substance earlier when possible. The REACH committee has also followed the Commission's proposal to, for the first time ever, reject the authorisation for continued use of sodium dichromate, an also potentially carcinogenic substance by a company using it for treatment of micro-surgical instruments. 


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