【Dahyoung News】DAH YOUNG joined Biomedical Implant Digital Processing Platform Technology Alliance (ABI)

DAH YOUNG Vacuum, which has been in the vacuum coating industry for 53 years, continues to work silently and open up new possibilities.

We are optimistic about the mainstream market for global medical products, including acute and severe diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and aging. Taiwan has advantages in medical, IC, communications, and industry, and is suitable for the development of smart medical care. DAH YOUNG  Vacuum continues to develop a yarn coating machine in 2018 through the cooperation of production, learning, and research, which is applied to metal conductive yarn; in 2020, it will develop an antibacterial/antiviral decorative coating coating machine, which will be proactive through active epidemic prevention technology. And effectively kill the virus. At the same time, the R&D team has invested in new film development in recent years, including increasing surface smoothness, friction resistance, anti-sticking and other functional films, which are applied to various medical equipment.

It is a great honor for DAH YOUNG Vacuum to join the Biomedical Implant Digital Processing Platform Technology Alliance and become one of the founding members. Medical product technology continues to evolve, and the trend of medical device display devices has gradually developed from fixed display devices to mobile display devices, portable display devices, wearable display devices to attached display devices, and the development of virtual display devices; medical device sensing The trend of devices has also evolved from fixed sensing devices, mobile sensing devices, portable sensing devices, wearable sensing devices, and attached sensing devices to implantable sensing devices; and invasive medical equipment materials , The film is continuously improved, the recovery period is getting shorter and shorter, and at the same time, the patient's discomfort is greatly reduced. DAH YOUNG Vacuum Equipment is ready to do its best in the medical industry with biomedical material coating technology.

Picture: Qian Laixing, Deputy General Manager of DAH YOUNG Vacuum Equipment (third from right) was awarded the membership certificate