Advanced packaging and testing technology : ESD - DLC film coating, new business opportunities for static dissipation

In the global semiconductor supply chain, Taiwan is an indispensable link. The world-class manufacturers have increased their demand for process technology and product quality, and various suppliers are constantly developing new technologies to obtain new solutions to seize the market. The problem of electrostatic protection in the previous packaging process can be solved through Electro-Static Dissipative Diamond-Like Carbon (ESD-DLC) film coating technology.

What is the electrostatic dissipative diamond-like carbon (ESD-DLC) coating technology?

As the nanometer size of semiconductor components shrinks below 10 nanometers, their antistatic ability gradually declines. During the chip packaging process, they may be damaged by static electricity and affect the yield. Therefore, advanced packaging processes urgently need to solve the problem of electrostatic tolerance.

ESD-DLC coating technology is a multilayer amorphous structure design, with good wear resistance. Equipped with an improved magnetic filtering arc ion system, and high chemical stability, it has excellent antistatic properties and good acid and alkali resistance, that can prolong the service life of the test carrier board as a whole by more than 3 times. It replaces the old hard anode treatment that is not resistant to alkali washing, and improves the electrostatic protection breach caused by the peeling of the film caused by collision or other cleaning factors. This surface modification technology will help bring new breakthroughs to advanced packaging processes.

Technical advantages and applications of ESD-DLC coating

Electro-Static Dissipative Diamond-Like Carbon (ESD-DLC) film layer  through a special film structure design can be customized to control the electrical properties of the product surface, in terms of hardness, adhesion, and wear resistance. It has excellent performance in terms of chemical resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, that has passed product application verification, which greatly improves the process yield and product service life.

In addition to various packaging and testing carrier boards, the advanced surface modification technology ESD-DLC coating technology offers will not affect the original size of the product, including reflow carrier boards, tray disks, machine slides, etc. It meets strict requirements for electrostatic protection of products sensitive to electrostatics. Therefore, the scope of industrial application include semiconductors, IC packaging and testing,  transmission equipment and components, etc. It is expected to be favored and adopted in the fields of LED carrier, wafer, IC package carrier, etc.

Future Prospects of Semiconductor Coating

In response to the rising awareness of international environmental protection, major international manufacturers have demanded that the supply chain comply with the green manufacturing process. The high-level vacuum coating technology based on physical vapor deposition (PVD) can be applied to LED carriers, wafers and IC packaging. Compared with traditional hard anodizing and Teflon spraying processes, high-value products such as carrier plates have the characteristics of high yield, low pollution, high adhesion, recyclability and low-temperature processes. Dah Young can help manufacturers break through the technical threshold of surface modification to enhance the international competitiveness of the semiconductor industry. Dah Young has successively passed product application verification, and rushed to enter the high-end advanced semiconductor market.