Feng Chia University links with Fraunhofer IST in Germany to jointly establish plasma technology research center

The Fraunhofer Association of Germany is a global industrial technology leader, and Feng Chia University actively promotes international industry-university cooperation and close cooperation with it in order to assist Taiwan's industrial transformation and upgrading.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (Fraunhofer IST) under the Fraunhofer Association is dedicated to the development and application of technology in the fields of surface treatment and modification, coating process and application, film characteristics and surface analysis. Feng Chia University signed a memorandum of cooperation with them in May 2018. The two parties will advance the goal of establishing a joint laboratory in the field of plasma engineering and support the exchange of researchers from both parties and promote bilateral cooperation.

Today Fraunhofer IST and Feng Chia University jointly formally unveiled the "Institute of Plasma (IOP)". At the unveiling ceremony, Zheng Guobin, Director of the Textile and Material Industry Research Center of Fengjia University, Yang Yaoguang, General Manager of DahYoung Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., and Fraunhofer IST Highly Ionized Plasmas and PECVD (Highly Ionized Plasmas and PECVD) department director, Dr. Ralf Bandorf, also attended the meeting as a partnership. During the meeting, Mr. Wu Zhichao, Dean of the Faculty of Science of Feng Chia University, Professor Yoshinobu Kahe, an honorary professor of Kyushu University in Japan, and Li Zhiwei, Chairman of the Taiwan Coating Technology Association, also attended.

He Zhuliang, the host of the Plasma Technology Research Center, is also the deputy director of industry-university cooperation of Feng Chia University and the operating director of Fengjia University International Industry-University Alliance. At the unveiling ceremony, he stated that the development of emerging coating technology in the world has gradually moved from laboratory to industry At present, the practical research of these technologies in Taiwan's academic circles is just in the ascendant stage, while the industry is still in the stage of waiting and testing. However, there is still a gap between the domestic emerging coating technology and equipment compared with foreign countries, so the center will expand in the future. The goal of technology in the industry is to assist in the development of domestic plasma film technology, and to guide the transformation and upgrading of the industry, so that more diversified plasma film process equipment can be deeply cultivated in Taiwan.

Director He Zhuliang has been deeply involved in the field of plasma thin film technology for many years. Recently, he has focused on the development of emerging coating technology-High power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS), and focused on the development of functional coatings in light. Electromagnetic, semiconductor, micro-electromechanical, flexible, flexible, scalable, biomedical sensing, high-end biotechnology and industry 4.0 applications.