【Exhibition】The 12th International Vacuum Exhibition

Titile 【Exhibition】The 12th International Vacuum Exhibition
Content Exhibition contents include vacuum science and technology applications in various fields, such as machinery, electronics, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, light industry, chemical industry, food, pharmaceuticals, presswork, construction and decoration, as well as new techniques, materials and products related to vacuum technology. Exhibits and activities will cover the following topics: 1. Vacuum acquisition equipment 2. Vacuum application equipment 3. Vacuum measurement instruments, vacuum leak detectors, etc. 4. Vacuum application units, vacuum engineering corollary equipment, etc.; 5. Vacuum valves 6. Vacuum spare parts, pump oil, and other materials 7. Laboratory testing instruments and analytic instruments
Time 05/15/2013~05/17/2013
Location China National Convention Center, Beijing

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