• Cathodic Arc DLC Coating Machine
  • Cathodic Arc DLC Coating Machine

Cathodic Arc DLC Coating Machine

Model : DYHC DLC

Cutting tool Ion coatings improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece to reduce the friction coefficient of the surface and improve the service life of the workpiece applied to various cutting tools (such as milling cutters, drills, knife, blades, etc.), and various hardware tools (such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc.).

Dah Young's hard coating equipment has a unique cavity design and power configuration, and can provide customized target point design to meet customer needs. It can also be equipped with a magnetic filter tube. The serial connection of the magnetic filter tube in front of each arc target can be adjusted according to customer needs, so as to increase the target ionization rate, reduce target particle adhesion, reduce production costs, and improve coating quality.

Coating Substrate
Coating Technology Cathodic arc evaporation
Coating Applications
    •  Metal films (Ti, Cr, Ag, Cu, Al, etc.)
    •  Nitride film (TiN, CrN, TiAlN, AlCrN)
    •  Carbide film (DLC, TiC, TiCN)
    •  Oxide film (TiO, ZnO, etc.)
Coating Color  Per customer requirements
Chamber Material SUS304
Operating system
IPC&PLC automatic and manual control
Weight ~5000 kg
Vendor brand HUETTINGER, Pfeiffer, Leybold or customer preferred
Chamber diameter
Ø1000 mm
Chamber height
H1000 mm
Number of Planetary Axis
7 axes (other designs available)
Effective coating diameter
Ø228 mm
Effective coating height H750 mm
Number of Arc sources 10 groups
Arc power supply
10 kW
Ultimate vacuum (Torr)
 5*10-6 Torr
Power requirement
3 phase, 380 V ±5%, 150 A, 60 Hz, independent grounding

  1. Fully automated control (IPC & PLC), composite multilayer film coating system.
  2. It can conduct research on metal thin films, metallic glass thin films, nitride thin films, oxide thin films, carbide thin films, carbonitride thin films and oxynitride thin films.
  3. Collect process data, production alarm data, facilitate data collection and equipment maintenance.
  4. No other harmful substances are generated during the coating process, which can save the environmental safety treatment costs caused by the wet process.
  5. The surface of the film has high compactness, and its functionality and color are better than traditional wet process electroplating.
  6. The low-mounted cavity is matched with the planetary revolution and rotation mechanism, which is suitable for mass production of various sizes of workpieces.
  7. Comply with EU CE safety standards and technical specifications (optional).
  8. The setting trolley is convenient for Loading/Unloading production and improves production efficiency.
  9. Bilingual interface, image mode, easy to operate.
  10. Independent safety loop power supply and emergency stop switch settings enhance the safety of personnel operation.

Applications: Semiconductors, medical equipment, mechanical components, cutting tools, molds, automotive and motorcycle parts, liquid crystal alignment films, resistive memory, etc.



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