【New equipment release】Two-stage reactive sputtering coating machine

Dahyoung has developed its own two-stage reactive sputtering equipment to introduce the characteristics of the sputtering process into the optical field:

  • The two-stage reactive sputtering equipment can effectively improve the two main shortcomings of the reactive sputtering process caused by target poisoning, by separating the interaction between the sputtering and the reactive gas: Low plating rate & The target surface discharge destroys the film quality.
  • The process has high stability and the sputtering process is still maintained. The advantages are high film quality with large area and high uniformity coating.
  • It overcomes the limitation of non-planar substrates to a certain extent, so that even substrates with curved surfaces can be used to prepare uniform optical films.
  • Suitable for Anti-reflection coatings, Edge filters, Minus filters, Beam splitter filters, Decorative film, Reflector, etc.

Dahyoung Vacuum introduces this sputtering process into its optical coating equipment. On the one hand, it introduces the advantages of sputtering, and effectively improves the shortcomings of reactive sputtering, and further gives the equipment "high plating rate", "high film quality", and "high stability" Performance. Welcome to contact us to learn more!