【New Process Development】Anti-Fingerprint


The anti-fingerprint film is a self-cleaning, hydrophobic/Oleophobic and anti-staining and scratch-resistant, which is widely used in touch panels and mobile phone screens.

The PFOS (perfluorozinc sulfonic acid) and PFOA (perfluorozinc acid) are the most common used materials for anti-fingerprint coating in early-stage, which could be applied to textiles, carpets, shoe materials, etc. However, due to using halogen materials will cause environmental damage, international organizations have issued relevant halogen-free regulations to limit their use. Afterward, some companies had developed environmentally-friendly spraying materials, but all the process is still established on air-spray line, using spraying or infiltration of the chemicals before baking or UV curing. The coating process has a large consumption and complicated steps.



Dah Young uses the vacuum coating process to save the cost of chemicals using and the baking or UV curing line building. The film is extremely thin and doesn't affect the appearance and color of the product. The finished product is able to withstand 8000 times of steel wool abrasion test, the hardness approach more than 7H on the coated glass substrate, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is ≤0.03.

Initial Contact angle = 116.38 ̊

 After the steel wool abrasion for 8000 times, the contact angle = 105.54 ̊