【New Process Development】Ability of High Depth / Width Ratio Aluminum Coating


The concept of environmentally friendly and environmental protection has gradually implemented daily life,LED (Light-emitting diode) is one of the innovations among them, and replaces traditional light sources in our life lighting time by time.

The LED lighting is gradually extended in the using of the automotive lighting, from the interior light to exterior lightings such as turn signal, fog lights,and even apply on the headlights and taillights which affect driving safety. Because of the tiny size, so the designing aesthetics of the lamp reflector for LED has jumped toward to next step.Compared to the traditional lamp, the LED lamp structure is much more beautiful. But behind the beautiful lamp, the complex design greatly increases the coating difficulty, causing a low yield rate.

Customer Instance

We have the ability to coat a perfect reflection film on 2:1 Depth / Width ratio which is a 2x2x4cm rectangular modeling  (Figure 1) by using the SKP Type Coating machine to do the evaporation coating efficiency experiment. Meanwhile, an actual case that our customer has a kind of high Depth / Width ratio of LED lamp, the slit design makes the product an uneven, thin aluminum layer and has no reflective effect (Figure 2).

But The SKP type coating machine effectively solved the above-mentioned problem, even though the great difficulty coat on high Depth / Width ratio of LED lamp, and makes the product white and bright by evaporation coating. (Figure 2). It indicates that the high performance of DAH YOUNG's coating machine, which has better aluminum coverage on high Depth / Width ratio lamp.




Figure 1, Experimental of Rectangular Modeling



Figure 2, High Depth / Width Ratio Lamp Improvement Examples.