• Hybrid Coating Machine
  • Hybrid Coating Machine

Hybrid Coating Machine

Model : DYPE

To keep up with the everchanging market demands along with environmental awareness, DAH YOUNG successfully developed the new DYPE-Economy Hybrid Coater. The DYPE incorporates the PECVD process of base and top coating the substrate in traditional atmospheric apray booths into the vacuum chamber with the PVD process. This not only enhances the end product by less handing, but it improves the coating layers and adhesion by applying the base coat, PVD and top coat in a single vacuum operation. also increasing productivity and eliminating the need and floor space for eco-unfriendly atmospheric spray booths.

DYPE 1000 DYPE 1300
DYPE 1600
DYPE 1800
Chamber Size/Diameter
1000 mm(ø)
1300 mm(ø)
1600 mm(ø)
1800 mm(ø)
Chamber Size/High
1850 mm(H)
Number of Planetary Axis
6 Axles
6 or 8 Axles
6 or 8 Axles
Usable  Diameter/Axis
700 mm
480/400 mm
560/460 mm
Usable High/Axis
1500 mm(H)
Vacuum Deposition Method
Thermal Evaporation
Number of Filaments
Filament Power Supplier (kW)
30 kW
Plasma Polymerization
MF PECVD Process
Ultimate Vacuum (Torr)
5 x 10-6  Torr
Production Cycle Time

(Depends on Product)

≦10 min/cycle
18 min/cycle
18 min/cycle
18 min/cycle
Electrical Power/3 Phase,380 V
90 kVA
 90 kVA
95 kVA
95 kVA


  1. Flawless, efficient operation: Rapid cycle coating for increased production pace and ultimate production cycle time.
  2. Optimum Pumping System: Streamline vacuum piping system equipped with high-performance pumps.
  3. Exterior Valve Design: To minimize interior vacuum contaminates within the chamber pumping efficiency
  4. Fully Automated Control (IPC & PLC) : Multiple recipes storage and  run history recording space with remote control access and monitoring.

Environment Performance Test:

Car light reflector,bezels and trinkets.

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