Polycold systems lead in feature cryogenic refrigeration technology to reduce costs, improve process performance, and production reliability.These seate-of-the-art systems are used in applications spanning a broad range of markets-from semiconductors, optical networking, flat panel displays, decorative and web coatings.

DAH YOUNG was exclusive agent for Polycold in Taiwan more than 20 years. DAH YOUNG has well experience in maintenance and technology for Polycold. Weoffer all Polycold services and materials such as refrigerant gas and parts. All the parts are imported directly from Brooks to provide the completed materials and quality guarantee.


* The Polycold trademark is a registered trademark of Brooks in the United States and/or other countries.


tempsnip.pngNew machine trading

tempsnip.pngSale and lease of refurbished machinery


tempsnip.pngComponent replacement

  • Polycold Refrigerant replacement
  • Solenoid valve replacement
  • Filter drier replacement
  • Compressor oil replacement and maintenance
  • Electrical board part replacement
  • Refrigerant lines cleaning 

tempsnip.pngCustomized service

  • Cryocoils line customization
  • Cryocoils customization

  • Temperature remain:-90℃ to -140℃ (183K to 133K)  
  • Heat Removal to 3600 Watts  
  • High-vacuum pumpdown time cut by 25% to 75%  
  • Cryocondenses water vapor in vacuum systems with speeds to 200,000 L/sec, vacuum levels to 1.5x10-9 Torr  
  • Higher film quality, better adhesion and more reproducible deposition  
  • Superior in performance to liquid nitrogen  
  • Using Eco refrigerant gas