Polycold® uses leading innovative ultra-low temperature freezing technology to condense water vapor in the vacuum system at a rate of up to 200,000 liters/sec. Effectively reducing the time for the vacuum pump to establish vacuum by 25% to 75%, greatly reducing the process time of equipment production, and increasing production capacity by 20% to 100%. For this reason, Polycold® is a brand designated by internationally renowned manufacturers.

DAHYOUNG was an exclusive sales and service agent for Polycold in Taiwan for more than 20 years. We continue to offer sales, consulting, service and maintenance using OEM parts, components and refrigerant directly from Polycold Brook Automation with complete material preparation and maintenance for quality Guaranteed.


* The Polycold trademark is a registered trademark of Brooks in the United States and/or other countries.

 New machine trading 


 Used machine trading & leasing


 Parts replacement

  • Refrigerant lines cleaning

  • Solenoid valve replacement

  • Desiccant replacement

  • Compressor oil replacement and maintenance

  • Board part replacement

  • Polycold® Refrigerant replacement

 Customized service

  • Freezer customization service

  • Frozen plate customized service

Polycold® installation-freezer tray device in the vacuum chamber. PFC model can be used, with fast cooling, fast defrosting function, and operation with vacuum equipment, which can effectively capture water vapor.

Polycold® installation-freezer tray device above the diffusion pump. Prevent the backflow of oil and gas and accelerate the high vacuum.

  • The temperature can reach -90℃ to -140℃
  • Thermal energy adsorption up to 3600 watts
  • Exhaust time can be greatly reduced by 25%~75%
  • The water vapor extraction speed can reach 200,000 L/sec, and the maximum vacuum degree is 1.5x10-9Torr
  • Improve coating quality, adhesion and multilayer film deposition
  • Better than liquid nitrogen
  • Use green cold coal that meets EU certification