• Two-stage reactive sputtering coating machine

Two-stage reactive sputtering coating machine

Model : DMC

In addition to the field of evaporation optics, Dahyoung Vacuum has developed its own two-stage reactive sputtering equipment to introduce the characteristics of the sputtering process into the optical field. The two-stage reactive sputtering equipment can effectively improve the two main shortcomings of the reactive sputtering process caused by target poisoning, by separating the interaction between the sputtering and the reactive gas:

  • Low plating rate.
  • The target surface discharge destroys the film quality.

The two-stage reactive sputtering method has a target area and a plasma source area. This plasma source area can also be called a coupled plasma area. During the process, an inert gas is introduced into the target area, and a mixed reactive gas is introduced into the plasma area to reduce the influence of the reactive gas on the target during the sputtering process. The process has high stability and the sputtering process is still maintained. The advantages are high film quality with large area and high uniformity coating.

Because the sputtering process has high molecular kinetic energy and better step coverage, it overcomes the limitation of non-planar substrates to a certain extent, so that even substrates with curved surfaces can be used to prepare uniform optical films. This feature is very suitable for use in vehicle lens for the self-driving car industry.

Dahyoung Vacuum introduces this sputtering process into its optical coating equipment. On the one hand, it introduces the advantages of sputtering, and effectively improves the shortcomings of reactive sputtering, and further gives the equipment "high plating rate", "high film quality", and "high stability" Performance.


DMC Series 

Applicable substrate

Polycarbonate, glass

Shen deposition techniques

Two-stage reactive sputtering

Sputtering system

Double rotating cylindrical target

Reaction system

ICP (Inductively coupled plasma)

Coating material

  • Oxide: SiOTiONbOAlOTaOITO
  • Metal film: Al, Ti, Cr, Cu, Ag, Pt, Pd
  • Nitride: Si3NAlN TiN
  • Others: SiO AlO SiH

Chamber material


Operating system

IPC+PLC automatic and manual control. 

Chamber diameter


Chamber height


Ultimate vacuum ( Torr )

Vacuum degree better than 6 x 10 -7 Torr  

Operating vacuum

1.0 X 10-Torr ~ 2.5 X 10-Torr   

Pumping rate

clean, dry and material-free cavity under normal temperature and pressure ,Pump from the atmosphere to 1 x 10-5 Torr ≦ 40 minutes.

Film thickness monitoring system

Optical monitoring

Heating system

Maximum 150℃ ( reach within 30 minutes)

Slewing mechanism

Drum φ1500mm, 10~150 rpm

Operation interface

24 inch industrial computer

electricity demand

380V, 50 / 60Hz,. 1 . 3 . 5 kVA; single-phase 110V, 50 / 60Hz, 1kVA

Cooling water demand

  • Flow rate 20 0L/min
  • Temperature 20~25℃ (no condensation) 
  • Water inlet pressure 5~6 kg/cm²  
  • Backwater pressure ≦ 0.5kg/cm²
  • pH 7.5~8.5 
  • Conductivity <600μS/cm 
  • Particle size <100μS 

Compressed gas demand

6~8 kg/cm² 

Process gas demand

  • Ar : purity 99.999%
  • O: purity 99.999%
  • N: Purity 99.999%
  • Fully automated control (IPC & PLC), composite multilayer film coating system.
  • The process is stable and the coating repeatability is high.
  • Automatic coating software, easy to set, directly load optical design files and simulate to complete the spectrum.
  • Complete process parameters and historical records are convenient for users to read historical data and analyze.
  • Bilingual interface, image mode, easy to operate.
  • Multiple groups of emergency stop switches are set up to enhance the safety of personnel operations.
  • With material preloading and conveying chamber, continuous large-scale uninterrupted production can be realized.

Anti-reflection coatings, Edge filters, Minus filters, Beam splitter filters, Decorative film, Reflector, etc.


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