• EB-IAD Optical Coating Machine

EB-IAD Optical Coating Machine

Model : DMC IAD

Optical films are widely used in various daily necessities. Through the stacking and design of materials with different refractive indexes, the optical interference phenomenon is used to produce various effects of light, and optical multilayer films with different functions.

The anti-reflection film can make the camera function of the mobile phone clearer and reduce the ghosting on the lens; the UV/IR cut-off filter can protect the operation of the sensor and related components, improve the image stability and increase the service life, and be applied to fingerprint unlocking under the screen. Optical coatings can achieve different purposes through multi-layer film stacking, or by increasing or decreasing in thickness. Therefore, filters with different functions can be designed according to requirements.

Dah Young's DMC-IAD series optical equipment has a unique optical monitoring system, which can measure the wide-wave domain spectrum in the chamber cavity to calculate the refractive index in vacuum, make tooling value calculation easier, and quickly correct the film parameters. The admittance trajectory algorithm can be used to easily compensate the film thickness error, and the film tangent point can be effectively selected to complete the high-quality film.

DMC 800 IAD DMC 1100 IAD
DMC 1350 IAD
DMC 1500 IAD
Applicable substrate
Glass, polymer substrate
Coating Technology Thermal resistance boat evaporation, electron gun evaporation, ion source assisted coating
Coating Materials Oxide filmTiO2, Al2O3, SiO2, ZnO, Ta2O5, HfO2, ITO
Metal filmCu, Ag, Au, Al, Ti, Cr, Pt, Pd
Nitride filmTiN, Si3N4
Chamber Size/Diameter (mm) Ø800
Slewing Mechanism  Planetary rotation and revolution, Umbrella stand revolution
Ultimate Vacuum (Torr)
better than 5 x 10-7
better than 6 x 10-7
better than 6 x 10-7
better than 6 x 10-7
Pumping Rate
Pumped from the atmosphere to 1 x 10-5 Torr for 15 minutes.
Number of electron guns
Quartz monitoring system
Rotating 6-point
Optical monitoring system
Reflective/transmissive, 350~1050 nm
Heating System Up to 250 ° C (150 ° C within 30 minutes)
Operation Interface 17" touch screen industrial computer
Operating System IPC+PLC automatic and manual control
Power Requirement (3ø 380V )
80 kVA
80 kVA
80 kVA
120 kVA
Cooling Water Demand
100 L/min
100 L/min
150 L/min
180 L/min
Compressed Air Demand
6~8 kg/cm²

  • IAD effectively improves the quality of thin films and increases the application areas of optical coatings.
  • There are a variety of materials that can be plated, and there are few restrictions on the types of substrates.
  • Process stability and high reproducibility.
  • Automatic coating software, easy to set, can directly load stored optical design files, and spectrum of the analog.
  • Complete process parameters and historical records are convenient for users to read historical data for analysis and optimization.
  • Bilingual interface operation.
  • Independent safety loop power supply and multiple emergency stop switch settings enhance the safety of operator and maintenance personnel.

Anti-reflection film, cut-off filter, band-pass filter etc., various filters


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