• Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

Model : DYHC-S

Dah Young DYHC series sputtering equipment has a unique power control system to form a stable bias voltage in the cavity and calculate a precise duty cycle. And use the excellent cavity design to form a stable plasma state, thereby achieving excellent coating effect.

The independent power supply connection target design of Dah Young DYHC series sputtering equipment also improves the target utilization rate and ionization rate, thereby saving a lot of production costs.It can also be combined with other technologies such as electron beam assist, magnetron sputtering, unbalanced sputter, RF sputter, HiPIMS to improve sputtering performance and apply to different sputter materials.

 Model  DYHC-1212-S
 Coating Substrate  Conductive metal
 Coating Technology  DC sputtering
 Coating Materials

 Dependingon the process

 Coating Color  Depending on the process
 Chamber Material  Stainless steel SUS304
 Operating system  IPC and PLC
 Weight  ~6000kg
 Parts brand  Huttinger、Pfeiffer、Leybold…
 Exhaust system  Pfeiffer、Leybold…
 Chamber Diameter  Ø1200mm 
 Chamber  Height  H1200mm
 Number of Planetary Axis  6~12(Depending on the process)
 Effective Coating Diameter (mm)  Ø960mm 
 Effective Coating Height (mm)  H850mm
 Coating Deposition  Method  DC sputtering
 Number of sputtering sources  6
 Sputter power (kW)  20kW
 Ultimate vacuum (Torr)  5*10E-6 Torr
 Production Cycle Time  Depending on the process
 Demand power  3 Phase/380V/170kW/50-60Hz
  1. Fully automated control (IPC & PLC), composite multilayer film coating system.
  2. The cavity is matched with the planetary type common rotation mechanism, which is suitable for mass production of various sizes of workpieces.
  3. The pulse frequency and pulse duty cycle can be controlled to obtain a high-density plasma, thereby depositing a dense film.
  4. Research on metal thin films, metallic glass thin films, alloy thin films, nitride thin films, oxide thin films, carbide thin films, carbonitride thin films, and oxynitride thin films.
  5. No other harmful substances will be generated during the sputtering process, which can save the cost of environmental protection caused by the wet process.
  6. The surface of the film is dense, and its functionality and color are better than traditional wet process plating.
  7. The low-profile cavity is matched with the planetary-type male rotation mechanism, which is suitable for large-volume coating production of various sizes of workpieces.
  8. Comply with EU CE safety standards and technical specifications (optional). 
  9. Set up trolleys for loading / Unloading production, providing productivity

Metal decoration, hardware, hand tools, machining, molds,...etc.

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