Laboratory Equipment

DAH YOUNG’s thin film laboratory provides a complete platform with self-developed equipment and a variety of thin film measuring instruments, professional R&D team, operating environment and rich film development experience, allowing you to collaborate with advanced coating technology and applications. Cooperate and learn about our full range of surface treatment solutions to meet any of your unique film needs.

Hard Coating Lab Equipment

The experimental equipment can be used to plate thin films with a smooth surface and a dense film structure, and can adopt a low-temperature process. It has the advantages of high hardness, high bonding force, and multi-element combination. High-performance coating with hardness, especially suitable for precision cutting tools, biomedical equipment, auto parts and other industries.

Optical Film Lab Equipment

Optical films are generally on glass or plastic substrates, and a single-layer or multi-layer film is formed of dielectric materials. The interference of light in the film is used to obtain the required light transmission or light reflection characteristics.Almost all optical components need optical films to enhance their optical effects, such as anti-reflection films, High reflective film, polarizer coating, beam splitter coating and filter coating, etc.