TiN coating

TIN coating (titanium nitride coating) is a cost-effective and widely used hard coating process. The single-layer titanium nitride coating is golden yellow. It is usually used in titanium alloys, steel, cemented carbide and aluminum structures to improve its surface, properties produce heat resistance and sliding surface functions, and can also achieve decorative purposes.

 ▶ Non-toxic process in a friendly environment

 ▶ Corrosion resistance

 ▶ Extend the service life of the workpieces

 ▶ Produce metallic luster with decorative effect

 ▶ Can block electrical conductivity

Coating performance-Rockwell indentation

Coating parameters

Hardness (HV0.01)
Coefficient of friction (COF)

Coating application

Drills and milling cutting tools, external medical implants, hardware parts, automotive accessories, aerospace parts, molds