AlCrBN coating

With the maturity of TiN and CrN single coating technology, multiple series of coatings such as AlCrN and AlTiN have been developed. As the cutting performance requirements are becoming more advanced, the structure of nanocomposite coatings such as AlCrBN and TiAlBN has been developed. The AlCrBN coating is deposited by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) technology, in which AlCrN nanocrystals are wrapped by the amorphous BNx phase. The nanocomposite coating of this structure is compared with TiN and AlTiN. The coating has better high temperature oxidation resistance, and the AlCrBN coating has high hardness and excellent adhesion.

 ▶ Super hardness

 ▶ Good wear resistance

 ▶ High temperature oxidation resistance

 ▶ Low friction coefficient

Coating performance-Rockwell indentation

⯁Coating parameters

Hardness (HV0.01)
Coefficient of friction (COF) 0.45

⯁Coating application
Cutting tools, high-speed steel hobbing cutters