Scratch Tester

Anton Paar Scratch Tester 

Revetest® Scratch Tester:RST³

Measuring range:
1. Maximum load for scratches: 200 N
2. Maximum friction for scratches: 200 N
3. Scratch length: up to 30 mm
4. Scraping speed: 0.4 mm/min to 600 mm/min

Measurement items Film adhesion properties

Uses a diamond indenter to move at a constant speed on the surface of the sample to produce a linear scratch with a set length (Figure 1). The positive force, lateral force, friction coefficient, and acoustic emission signals will be recorded during the scratch process. Microscopic analysis is used to observe the rupture of the scratch and using different sensor acoustic emission signals, friction coefficient and scratch microstructure analysis, the minimum load at the point of rupture is called critical load (Lc), which can be used as the standard for film adhesion measurement . This scratch tester complies with ASTM C1624 test specification standards.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements:
    • Type: solid sample (film)
    • Scratch length: up to 30 mm
  • Measurable items:

Film adhesion properties: measurement of solid samples

Study Case

           Measure the result of the sample film with a scratch tester:

Film scratch data results


Using friction to judge the critical load of the film