Pin-on-Disk Tribometer

Anton Paar Pin-on-Disk Tribometer 



Measuring range

1. Positive load:1 ~ 60 N

2. Friction range: up to 20 N

3. Rotation speed: 0.2 rpm ~ 600 rpm

4. Rotation radius: up to 40 mm

Measurement items
Sample friction coefficient and abrasion rate

Use the Pin-on-Disk abrasion tester to test samples wear resistance and friction coefficient to evaluate the film mechanical properties. It uses specific positive force load and speed, and sets the speed, grinding track length and grinding track diameter to form a channel with a specific radius and abrasion length on the material. Measurements of the depth and width of the abrasion are used with a formula to evaluate the abrasion rate (WR) of the film.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements:
    1. Type: solid sample test piece
    2. Size: The maximum radius of rotation is 40 mm
  • Measurable items:

Abrasion test: solid sample measurement

Study Case

  • Film friction coefficient measurement
          The result of measuring the sample film with abrasion tester:

Film wear data results