Abrasion Wear Tester

Abrasion Wear Tester 

Model 339

It is suitable for measuring the abrasion resistance of plastics, glass, ceramics and other substrates for coating films or spraying paints and other non-conductor coatings.

Frequency setting

0~999999 times

Frequency setting :
15~60 turn

The abrasion tester uses a single point of the test rod to place the weight on the test object, and the front end of the test rod is matched with steel wool or SANFORD NO.74 wear-resistant eraser strip, and the surface of the test object is rubbed back and forth to achieve the abrasion test.

The weight of the test rods can be set according to the test specification. In addition, the back and forth friction can be adjusted according to the specification, and the number of times can be set. The test will stop automatically when the number of time is reached. 

Study Case

Before abrasion test
The initial water drop angle of the test piece>115˚

After abrasion test
Water drop angle of test piece<100˚