CR-10 Plus

Measuring range L*
1 ~ 100

Measuring time
About 1 second

Measuring caliber
Ø5 mm、Ø8 mm

△E*ab 0.1以內

Measurement items
Sample color value

The colorimeter is a color discrimination instrument designed based on the principle of a spectrophotometer. This allows users to read the color value of the sample and identify the position difference of the sample color in the color space, such as the coordinate position and value of the CIE L,a,b color space. The sample can be compared with the standard color to obtain the value difference between the sample and the standard sample.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements
    1. Type:solid sample
    2. Size:The sample diameter must be greater than 5 mm.
  • Measurable items

Measure the color value of the sample

Study Case

           Result of measuring titanium nitride film (TiN) by color difference measurement

Measure the Lab value of TiN film