Vickers Hardness Tester

SHIMADZU Vickers Hardness Tester



Measuring range

1. Test load: HV0.01、0.025、0.05、0.1、0.2、 0.3、0.5、1、2 。

2. Low test loadHV0.001、0.002、0.005。

Effective measuring range
110×73um (40 times objective lens)

Reading resolution

0.09um (40x objective lens)

Measurement items
Sample hardness value

The Vickers hardness test uses a diamond indenter with an angle of 136°. Due to its high hardness, the indenter can be used to indent almost any material, and the pyramid shape makes the indentation independent of the size of the indenter itself. Press into the surface of the sample under a certain test force and hold for a certain time, then remove the test force, measure the diagonal length of the square indentation on the surface of the material and use the formula to calculate the required hardness value.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements:
    1. Type: solid sample (film)
    2. Dimensions: maximum height 100 mm, maximum width 120 mm.
  • Measurable items::

Surface hardened layer, hard film and various metal materials

Study Case

      Measure the result of sample film with micro Vickers

Film hardness measurement results