Rockwell Hardness Test

Rockwell Hardness Test 


Measuring range

  1. Test load (kgf): 141.1, 294.2441.3588.4980.71471
  2. Load holding time: 5 ~ 99 seconds

Measurement items
sample hardness and adhesion

In the Rockwell hardness test, different indenters and different test loads are used, corresponding to different scales of Rockwell hardness. The Rockwell hardness machine uses a 120° diamond cone indenter to press into the surface of the material with a certain load to produce an indentation, and the depth of the indentation is converted to represent the Rockwell hardness value of the material.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements:
    1. Type: solid sample (film)
    2. Dimensions: Maximum height 255 mm
  • Measurable items::
    • Film adhesion: measurement of solid samples
    • Rockwell hardness value: metal and plastic products

Study Case

  • Film adhesion quality test
           The result of measuring the sample film by Rockwell indentation:


Film adhesion measurement results (HF1)