UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Systems

JASCO® V770 UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer Systems


Light source
1. Deuterium lampfor UV/VIS(190 ~ 350nm)
2. Halogen lampfor VIS/NIR(330 ~ 2700nm)

Measure the spot size
6×12 mm2

Measurement band range:
190 ~ 2700 nm

Measurement accuracy
1. for UV/VIS range:±0.3 nm
2. for NIR range:±1.5 nm

Measurement mode
Penetration spectrum(%T)、Absorption spectrum(Abs)

The light source is composed of light with different wavelengths of each color. By means of grating diffraction, the light is dispersed into a continuous spectrum due to the different diffraction angles of each wavelength, and the monochromatic light of single and specific wavelength is separated through the selection of slits. A beam splitter divides the monochromatic light into two beams of equal intensity. One beam passes through the sample and the other serves as the reference light. The intensity of the two beams is compared. This ratio is the transmittance of the sample. The transmittance ratio can obtain the transmission spectrum. In the same way, by comparing the intensity attenuation of the two beams, the absorption spectrum can be obtained.

Specifications of samples to be tested and measurable items

  • Sample requirements
    1. Type: solid sample (sheet or film)
    2. Size: The maximum area of the sheet sample can be 8 × 8 cm2, but not less than 2 × 2 cm2.
  • Measurable items

Penetration or absorption spectrumTransmissive solid sample (sheet or film) measurement

  • Additional analysis items (blank substrate must be provided)
    1. Analysis of optical constants (n, k…) of single-layer films
    2. Film thickness analysis

Study Case

  • Single-layer film transmission rate measurement
          Measure the result of aluminum nitride thin film (AlN) single layer film with spectrophotometer

AlN single layer film penetration spectrum

  • Measurement of penetration rate of multilayer membrane stack

Measure the result of anti-reflection multilayer film with spectrometer


Anti-reflective multilayer film measurement spectrum