Optical Coating


The related application of vacuum coating on optical components has a long history. All optical components need to be coated with one or more layers of optical films on the surface to enhance their optical effects, such as anti-reflective films, high-reflective films, polarizers, beam splitters and filters Film... etc. Optical films are generally on glass or plastic substrates, which are made of dielectric or metal materials to form a single-layer or multi-layer film, which uses the interference of light to change the transmission or reflection characteristics of light.

DAHYOUNG Vacuum has focused on the field of vacuum coating for decades, providing coating solutions for customers in various industries. Close industry-university connection and knowledge and technology exchanges provide various foundry requirements in the optical coating process, including anti-reflective films, high-reflective films, polarizers, beam splittersn and filters.


  Size Range
3mm ~ 200mm
  Broadband Application Range

250nm ~ 2500nm

  High film layer number coating

  100 + Layer


Product Item


  • Filter

Anti-reflective film/short wave pass filter/long wave pass filter/band pass filter/band stop filter

  • Reflector

Aluminum mirror/silver mirror/gold mirror/all dielectric high reflection mirror

  • Window mirror

Laser light window mirror

  • Spectroscope

Neutral beam splitter/polarized aurora beam splitter

  • Laser lens

  • semiconductor
  • LCD panel
  • PCB printed
  • circuit board
  • Package test
  • ITO
  • Camera module
  • Optical fiber
  • communication
  • Biomedical
  • photoelectric
  • detection
  • decoration
  • Bionic structure
  • application
  • Laser application


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