Semiconductor Coating


Integrated circuits and Wafer products are very susceptible to static electricity, especially during handling and shipping. Most of the static dissipative methods in the market are based on the wet process of spraying the integrated circuit and wafer products with special coatings. DAHYOUNG uses the dry process of vacuum coating to bring a new static dissipative solution in the industry, coating metal materials with high temperature and surface resistance, along with excellent adhesion.

The semiconductor IC (Pogo pin) test probe / Wafer test probe card coating

Wafer probe cards are important test and analysis interfaces in the wafer manufacturing stage of semiconductors. The probe card is typically assembled by a probe head, substrate, PCB and other related components. Efficient wafer testing will reduce defective products and packaging costs. In recent years, 5G, HPC (high-speed computing), and IoT (Internet of Things), wafer manufacturing became more advanced, as well as the demand for packaging technology improvment.

Through Dah Yong advanced vacuum coating technology, a nano film is produced on the semiconductor IC test probe (Pogo pin) / wafer test probe card (Probe Card). The coated probe has the functions of anti-sticking and abrasion resistance. The film layer extends the working life of the probe, reduces the cost and improves the overall production efficiency.

  Application Industry

  Film Characteristics

  • IC package
  • Probe card
  • Transfer fixture
  • WAFER related accessories

  • Anti-ESD Film
  • Preservative
  Recommended Equipment