Cutting Tools Coating


Cutting tools

The coating on a tool provides a layer of protection increasing the hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which can greatly increase the life of the tool, and simultaneously the surface quality of the processed workpiece and Yield rate.

There are many types of materials and coatings suitable for the tool coating layer. Therefore,  it is necessary to understand the material characteristics and relationship of each coating as well as the tool material before selecting the corresponding coating layer.Listed below are some of the types DAHYOUNG can assist you with.

  • Common coating layers for tools:
Titanium carbonitride (TiCN) / titanium nitride film (TiN) / titanium aluminum nitride film (TiAlN) / chromium nitride film (CrN) / diamond-like film (DLC)

  • Common tool materials:
Tungsten steel milling cutters, circular saw blades, drills, reamers, dental mold tools, stainless steel cutting tools, fiber composite tools, acrylic tools, aerospace tools, and cutting cutting tools used on engraving, lathes, milling and punching machines. 

Other tools

Doctor Blades

The printing industry methods are diverse, such as resin relief, gravure, digital printing, etc., especially the application of gravure printing technology can be seen everywhere in daily life, and the yield of printed products depends on tension control, temperature, cylinder pressure, squeegee material, pressure, and they are a consumable part cutting Angle...etc. The above factors will affect the quality of printing. The squeegee blades are made of steel or plastic and they are a consumable part-on the printing press requiring. Replacement regularly to prevent the squeegee from being damaged and affecting the printing quality.  DAHYOUNG's Doctor Blade coating technology improves the squeegee hardness and is not corroded by inks, extending the service life of the squeegee, reducing the frequency of customer replacement of the squeegee, and reducing the purchase of blades. 

  Application Industry

  Film Characteristics

  • Cutting tools (tools for metal, plastic, composite materials, wood)
  • Other knives (Printing Industry-Doctor Blade)

  • Hardness
  • Heat resistant
  • Preservative

  Recommended Equipment