Automotive Lamp Coating

Beautiful appearance and high brightness are the demanding trend of automobile lamps. The design method is to apply a very bright metal aluminum layer on the surface of the lightweight plastic to form a mirror on the surface; the main principle is to smooth parabolic or free The reflection effect of the curved surface is matched with the transparent lamp shell with the pattern, and the light source is concentrated on the focal length of the paraboloid to form a parallel beam, and then a small convex lens is formed to form a sculpture light source to meet the regulatory light position and reach the vehicle. The lighting effect of driving.

With the changing of the light source of the lamp, from the halogen lamp to the LED lamp, and the design requirements of the advanced lighting (AFS) function, the progress of these light sources and the change of the lighting function make the traditional lamp mirror manufacturing method unsatisfactory, so How to simultaneously consider the production efficiency, the consistency of the coating, and the adoption of various inspection standards and the process compliance with environmental regulations are important challenges in this process. Dayong Vacuum has accumulated process technology for long-term accumulation of lamp coatings. Even for LED lamps with complex structure and high aspect ratio, the narrow slits of the lamps can be perfectly displayed to meet the required coating effect.




  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Fog lights
  • LED lights(High Depth / Width Ratio)


  • Primer/reflective/face coating process in a vacuum chamber for low contamination and rapid production
  • Good film thickness uniformity and stable quality
  • Topcoat with high transparency, good reflectance of the lamp after coating
  • Can be plated with high aspect ratio headlights, eg LED, OLED, laser
  • Special process design can effectively solve the abnormality of bluish blue, white fog, lighting or high temperature baking test


Film-thickness Date

Film-thickness Distribution



Environment for performance testing