Business Field

DAH YOUNG specializes in the manufacturing of Batch thermal evaporation/sputtering coating equipment and through the Darly division the R2R (Roll to Roll) vacuum coating equipment.  We also provide spare parts, capital equipment, vacuum components and consumables, as well as maintenance, technology consulting and turnkey services.

Batch type vacuum coating equipment has been applied to the functional coatings of EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) shielding and NCVM (Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization) for computer notebooks, cell phone, and decorative coatings for cosmetic case, trophies, etc.  Based on the concept of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, we developed the HVMP equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

R2R type vacuum coating equipment evolved from the traditional packaging and decretive coatings to include silicon and glass coated substrates for the new generation of products including, but limited to organic/polymeric hybrid materials, organic/inorganic hybrid materials, and metal foil materials.  Our experience in the Flexible Display, TCO Film, FCCL, Thin Film Solar Cell, IMD, and RFID Antenna technologies contribute to the new development of these new generations of coatings.