Equipment Maintenance

Vacuum coating machines are sophisticated, high-priced equipment. Humans need regular health checks to detect problems and early treatment. The same is true for machine operation. If a mechanical failure occurs during production, the cost of manpower and material resources required to stop production and subsequent maintenance is relatively high, and even delays in delivery and loss of goodwill. Therefore, the coating equipment needs regular maintenance work, which will ensure the stable production of the production line and the best way to extend the service life of the equipment at the lowest cost.

Dah Young Vacuum has a heritage of dozens of vacuum coating equipment related maintenance and repair experience. We have a professional maintenance space, various test instruments, and a profession team with continuous training. After maintenance, we also provid construction reports.The most complete maintenance service, please find Dah Young , we are confident to bring you the greatest service value!



tempsnip.pngQuarterly maintenance plan

tempsnip.pngAnnual maintenance plan

tempsnip.pngMaintenance plan for every three years