Equipment Maintenance

Vacuum coating machines are intricate, high-priced equipment comprised of many professional technologies that all need to work systematically. Humans need regular health checks to detect problems and early treatment. The same is true for machine operation. If a mechanical failure occurs during production, the cost of manpower and material resources required to stop production and subsequent maintenance is relatively high, and causes delays in delivery and loss of customer confidence. Therefore, coating equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure stable operation of the production line providing the best way to extend the service life of the equipment at the lowest cost.

DahYoung Vacuum is well known for its experience of vacuum coating equipment maintenance, service and repair. Our professional technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tooling and testing instruments to provide quick maintenance, service or repairs to keep your equipment operating a full capacity.



tempsnip.pngQuarterly maintenance plan

tempsnip.pngAnnual maintenance plan

tempsnip.pngMaintenance plan for every three years