• R2R Hybrid Coater

R2R Hybrid Coater

Model : DMRC-HML

The Darly Hybrid Multi-Layer (HMLTM) Vacuum Web Coater is leading the way for innovation of vacuum deposited organic and inorganic coatings onfilm substrates. The continuous roll- to-roll HMLTM process is suitable for large scale production of high quality thin films with unmatched productionefficiency and product development capability.  

A multi-layer, organic - inorganic - organic, structure is deposited on films at high speeds in a single pass with zero pinholes. The HMLTM process utilizes a method for coating 100% solids with superior precision that provides significant advantages over traditional solvent based deposition methodsthus decreasing production costs and reducing environmental impact.

(1) Organic coating in the vacuum enviroment

(2) Clear, transparent and pinhole free films

(3) Complete organic and inorganic process in one step

(4) High uniform and coating thikness control for very thin layers

(5) Contained, solvent free process with ni environmental impact

(6) A wide range of surface properties available from hydrophilic to super hydrophobic

(7) Coating formulation can be utilized that are unavailable with traditional coating methods

The HMLTM Web Coater can be used for variety of applications such as: hard coat films, packaging materials, barrier films and many other functional coatings.


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