• R2R Hollow Cathode Deposition Coater
  • R2R Hollow Cathode Deposition Coater

R2R Hollow Cathode Deposition Coater

Model : DMRC-HCD

The specially designed sputtering source or HiPIMS sputtering technology or HCD (Hollow Cathode Deposition) produces an extremely high sputtering rate.
Dayoung cooperates with well-known universities, and cooperates with front-end academic research to bring innovative production techniques and new applications to the development of textile materials with various functional effects such as antibacterial, conductive, deodorizing, etc., thereby making life


 Coating Substrate

 Yarn (≒150D), woven fabric, PET film

 Coating Technology

 Sputter source

 Coating Materials

 Oxide: TiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, SiO2, ZnO, ITO, PZT
 Metal film: Al, Ti, Zr, Cr, Mg, Cu, Ag, Pt, Pd, W
 Nitride: TiN, ZrN, CrN
 Boride: TiB2

 Coating Color

 Golden, silver, rose, purple, blue, gray, black, transparent, etc.

 Chamber Material


 Operating system

 Touch screen + PLC


 2.5 tons

 Chamber Size/Diameter

 750(L) x 600(W) x 600(H)

 Process ice water wheel size


 Woven effective coating height


 Sputter power supply


 Sputter power (kW)


 Ultimate vacuum (Torr)

 5 x 10-4 Torr

 Tension system controllable speed


 Demand power

 3-phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 56kVA

  1. Miniaturization, ingenious design and configuration, while achieving high quality and fast output requirements.
  2. The small tension winding system uses an AC servo motor to precisely control the tension and winding speed of the yarn.
  3. Patent application winding and guiding design to quickly achieve the required film thickness and high output rate.
  4. Equipped with high-power pulse power supply (HiPIMS) system HCD (Hollow Cathode Deposition) to achieve high plating rate and good weather resistance.
  5. Touch industrial computer: It can store diverse and complete process parameters and historical records, so that users can export historical data and analysis.

Yarn/weave functional film deposition: it can be used for antibacterial, conductive, deodorizing, etc.


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