• High Efficiency Surface Plasma Processing Equipment

High Efficiency Surface Plasma Processing Equipment

Model : DYPC

The device uses an automated transfer architecture and a patented electrode. The utilizes plasma for rapid surface cleaning, surface modification or roughening. Applicable to polymer material substrates, which can effectively improve the reliability of subsequent processes.



Pumping efficiency 40 seconds below 0.1 Torr
Platform size 906 690 ╳ 80 mm (Customizable)
Transmission system Automatic Entrance  Platform
Pumping system Roots Pump+Oil Rotary Pump
Main Equipment Volume(W D H) 2760 1205 1846 + 400(mm)
Working Space Reference(W D H) 43603800 2400(mm)
  1. Patented special plasma electrode with good plasma uniformity.
  2. High-density plasma source, high plasma efficiency and reduced process time.
  3. Special gas intake, diffusion and pumping system design.
  4. A variety of process gases are available, and the equipment is highly stable and easy to maintain.
  5. Online plasma spectrum monitoring.(option)
  6. We can design special machines with special specifications according to customer's requirements, and set unilateral or bilateral operation.
  1. Removing the slag generated during the drilling of the PCB board.
  2. Surface modification of current electronic paper or general soft substrate or FPC.
  3. Cleaning of organic pollutants on the surface of plastic materials.
  4. Plastic material surface modification or roughening.

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