• Multi-target Sputter Coating Machine
  • Multi-target Sputter Coating Machine

Multi-target Sputter Coating Machine

Model : DYC-SP

DYC-SP is a vertical double-door, four-target, double-diffusion system vacuum coating machine. The cavity of the machine is 1.8M and the cavity height is 1.85M. It is widely used for coating communication equipment, computers, components,consumer electronics and electrical appliances. In the industries of machinery and plastics, it is suitable for customers of all production scales.

The DYC-SP series offers a multi-target mounting solution that will help improve coating uniformity and enable multilayer film processing.



Exhaust System

single row double diffusion

Chamber Dimension W X H (mm)

1800 1850

Number of Planetary Axis

One 6/8 axis

Effective Coating Diameter (mm)


Effective Coating Height (mm)


Coating Method

Sputtering PVD

Ultimate Vacuum (Torr)


Pumping Efficiency

2x10-5Torr  8min

Demand Power Supply (kVA)

3-phase power supply 380V 150kVA

※Specification might vary due to any customization demand.

  1. Multi-sputtering target design: The target position can be adjusted to improve the uniformity of the coating, and target materials can be used for multilayer coatings.
  2. Optimum evacuation system : The rough pumping sytem and dual-diffusion pumps are positioned to minimizethe shorten the vacuum piping length and area for quick vacuum cycle times. 
  3. Touch  IPC: can store more complicated process parameters and historical records, with remote control access.

  1. Surface metallization of non-metallic substrates
  2. Antistatic layer of plastic components
  3. plastic parts, hardware decoration
  4. Aluminum lamp, aluminum alloy reflector surface


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