• NCVM vacuum coater

NCVM vacuum coater

Model : DYC-NCVM

DAH YOUNG’s vertical double door NCVM vacuum coating equipment is specially designed for batch-coated products requiring electrical isolation such as mobile phones, notebooks, and other electronic products requiring surface treatments.

DAH YOUNG designed a vacuum pump system that enables the chamber to reach a vacuum of 2×10-4 Torr within 3 minutes, and 5×10-5 Torr within 5 minutes. The fast pumping speed will enhance the production ability and efficiency.  Operator friendly touch screen panel with PLC control also insure production stability and efficiency. 

On all vacuum exposed surfaces #304 stainless steel is used.  O-Ring seals are used to insure a tight seal and provide ease of maintenance. DAH YOUNG has been involved in long-term research and development on how to improve the performance of our systems.  We endeavor to design the most suitable coater to meet your production requirements.  By using a DAH YOUNG vertical double door NCVM vacuum coater, production efficiency and quality will be enhanced with increased output.

Model DYC-1300-NCVM
Pumping System Single pumping
Effective Chamber Diameter 1300 mm
Effective Chamber Height 1850 mm
Number of Rotating Axis 14 axles per door
Efficient Diameter/Axis ~200mm
Usable Height/Axis ~1500mm
AL Deposition Method Thermal Evaporation PVD
Evaporation Source 2 sources
Filament Power Supplier 30 kW
Ultimate Vacuum 5 x 10-6 Torr
Electrical Power 3 Phase 380V 90kVA
Pumping Time to 1x10-4 Torr within 5 mins without Polycold on a clean chamber

(1) High Productivity and Quality Ensure.

(2) Repeatable, Reliable Color Effect.

(3) Special 3D Revolver Functions.

(4) Touch Screen Control with PLC.

(5) UL Approval for High Safety Standards.

(6) One Touch Auto Control.

NCVM applications include mobile phones, notebooks and other consumer electronic products; unlike decorative coatings the NCVM has a metallic furnishing, and it is non-conductive to prevent interference of electromagnetic waves.

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