• Dual-use Coating Machine
  • Dual-use Coating Machine
  • Dual-use Coating Machine

Dual-use Coating Machine

Model : DYSP

DAH YOUNG's DYSP vertical double door vacuum coater is equipped with both thermal evaporation and sputtering capabilities. 

The DYSP can use thermal evaporation and/or sputtering simultaneously to coat the substrate with different materials (Al, Co, Cr, Stainless Steel, etc.), in multiple layers depending on the end product requirements.

Model DYSP 1800
Chamber Diameter 1800 mm

Chamber height

1850 mm

Number of Planetary Axis  6 or 8 

Effective Coating Diameter


Effective Coating Height


Coating Method

Sputter PVD

Ultimate Vacuum (Torr)


Pumping Efficiency

2x10-5Torr ≦ 8min

Demand Power Supply (kVA) 150kVA

  1. Easy Operation: Like DYC-BSD, this DYC-ESP Series incorporates a one touch control panel. 
  2. Versatile: This series of machine i adaptable for double target zones and/or multiple sources.
  3. Contamination Free: Isolation between the evaporation and sputtering systems prevent cross contamination.
  4. Efficient: Quick vacuum pumping speeds allow for productive, performances of the evaporation and sputtering process with shorter cycle times.
  5. Coating Uniformity: Like the design of DYC-NCVM system, the coating thickness is accurately uniform.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Coating processes performed in a vacuum environment instead of atmosphere, and less floor space required.
  7. Energy Saving: Incorporating frequency drive inverters to the system help reduce energy consumption and cost, as well as prolong motor life.

       DYSP Series can be used for electronic telecommunication products, such as mobile phone, PDA, GPS, laptops, medical instruments, electronic chips, projector, etc. To prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), as well as coating concave and convex mirror reflectors.


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