• R2R Magnetron Sputtering Coater

R2R Magnetron Sputtering Coater

Model : DMRC-SP

Vacuum coating systems are a key component in the essential technology for mass productions of flexible electronics. Today, many renowned research facilities and businesses in the world invest much of their resources into research and development to this technology, striving to be specialists in this field.

The traditional technology in the electronics industry uses silicon and glass substrates, which are unable to meet the demands for soft and flexible requirements.

In accordance with the evolution of electronic technology, Darly developed the DMRC-SP R2R multi-layer coater for the E-paper, ITO Film, FCCL, Thin Film , which are used in solar Cell, IMD, RFID Antenna, Biosensor, and Gas Barrier products.

Model 400 M 800 M 1200
Coating Width 400 mm 800 mm 1200 mm
Maximum Roll Diameter 600 mm 600 mm 600mm
Maximum Web Speed 100 fpm 100 fpm 100 fpm
Maximum Web Speed
3 fpm fpm fpm
Deposition Zone 3 ~ 6 3 ~ 6
3 ~ 6
Pressure Zone 4 ~ 8 4 ~ 8
4 ~ 8

  1. Multiple source capabilities enable deposition of metals, alloys and dielectric materials in one pass.
  2. A divided chamber allows for variable vacuum levels in the deposition zones to accommodate thermo resistance, sputtering or E-beam coatings.
  3. Precision web handling design using A.C. drive motors provide more accurate control.
  4. Reversible web enables multiple layer deposition without breaking vacuum.
  5. In line detection monitors linked to the deposition controllers for precise deposition thickness.
  6. Provisions for optional equipment - such as pre-treatment, post-treatment or other optional devices.
  7. Compact design for easy installation using minimal floor space.

R2R coating and multi-layer coating on the R2R sputter coater meets the demands for E-paper, ITO Film, FCCL, Thin Film Solar Cell, IMD, RFID Antenna, Biosensor, and Gas Barrier products.


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