• Yarn Coating Machine

Yarn Coating Machine

Model : DMRC-300-A2A

Textiles are essential for daily life. With the development of science and technology, functional fabrics have developed rapidly in recent years, such as heating clothes, waterproof and dustproof jackets, antibacterial and anti-mite quilts, etc., and various functional textiles are widely used. 

In response to this trend. Dayoung has introduced a small-volume device capable of depositing various materials such as oxides, metals, nitrides, borides, etc. on yarns and woven fabrics. The direct coating on the yarn is characterized by more complete coating and penetration of the film, which improves its functionality and durability. The functional yarn produced can be partially or completely woven into clothes, bags, shoes, etc. Multi-functional products become viable and easy to manufacture, and design is more flexible.

The specially designed sputtering source and HiPIMS sputtering technology produce extremely high sputtering rate; the precise and fast yarn tension control system, combined with the patented mechanism design, enables the material to reach the desired film thickness quickly. Dayoung cooperates with well-known universities ,and cooperates with front-end academic research to bring innovative production techniques and new applications to the development of textile materials with various functional effects such as antibacterial, conductive, deodorizing, etc., thereby making life more convenient.


(1) Miniaturization, ingenious design and configuration, while achieving high quality and fast output requirements.

(2) The small tension winding system uses an AC servo motor to precisely control the tension and winding speed of the yarn.

(3) Patent application winding and guiding design to quickly achieve the required film thickness and high output rate.

(4) Equipped with high-power pulse power supply (HiPIMS) system to achieve high plating rate and good weather resistance.

(5) Touch industrial computer: It can store diverse and complete process parameters and historical records, so that users can export historical data and analysis.

Yarn/weave functional film deposition: it can be used for antibacterial, conductive, deodorizing, etc.


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