• Optical Multilayer Film Coating Machine

Optical Multilayer Film Coating Machine

Model : DMC

Optical coating products are widely used from daily items to high technical products. DAH YOUNG continues to develop consistent high quality new model – DMC (Multi-Layer Vacuum Coater) which is suitable for eyeglasses, optical lens, filters, anti-reflective coating, anti-smudge and other optical applications.

The traditional optical monitor systems have certain disadvantages depend on the method which has been chosen. For example, poor error compensation capability, uncertain cutting point, only use for quarter wave optical thickness film design, etc. Besides, traditional optical monitor methods assume the refractive index to be a constant, due to the refractive index cannot be measured in real time. It leads to coating thickness entirely fit original design, but the optical characteristic would not be matched to the original design.

Therefore, DAH YOUNG introduced the latest optical admittance monitor system. It combined advantages of several different kinds of traditional opticalmonitor methods, clearly cut point, great error compensation capability. Otherwise, the real time refractive indices can be determined from broadbandspectrum, and the file design can be automatically revised in real time during the process. It will greatly raise the yield rate of thin film process, and realizethe request of optical thin film with high specification.

(1) Auto-deposition control system for fully automated process.

(2) Stable long-lasting Ion Source with simple maintenance and easy material change.

(3) Substrate can apply to either planetary substrate dome or center-driving dome.

(4) Multi-layer process can be achive by 2 EB guns and multiple crucibles.

(5) Optical admittance monitor system is suitable to gain higher yield rate.

(6) Clean and activity substrate surface to perform anti-smudge, hydrophobic and abrasion resistant function.