• Cathodic Arc Coating Machine

Cathodic Arc Coating Machine

Model : DYHC

Dah Young's DYHC is used for ion plating of decorative products and cutting tools. Decorative Ion coatings improve the appearance and durability of a product while making it more wear and corrosion resistant to prolong its service life of the hardware products used for door and window hardware, tools, kitchen and bathroom hardware, etc. industries. 

Dah Young's Cathodic Arc Coating Machine has a unique chamber design and power configuration, and can provide customized target point design to meet customer demands.

DYHC 1010
DYHC 1616
DYHC 1820 DYHC 2230
Coating Substrate
Coating Technology
Cathodic arc evaporation
Coating Color 
Gold, rose gold, gray, silver, dark black, etc.
Chamber Material SUS 304
Operating system IPC&PLC automatic and manual control
Vendor brand MKS, Pfeiffer, Leybold or customer preferred
Exhaust system
Pfeiffer, Leybold or customer preferred
Chamber diameter
Ø 1000 mm
Ø 1200 mm
Ø 1600 mm
Ø 1800 mm
Ø 2200 mm
Chamber height
H 1000 mm
H 1200 mm
H 1600 mm
H 2000 mm
H 3000 mm

Number of Planetary Axis (other designs available)

11 axes
15 axes
23 axes
27 axes
35 axes
Effective coating diameter
Ø 135mm
Effective coating height
H 750 mm
H 900 mm
H 1300 mm
H 1600 mm
H 2500 mm
Number of Arc sources
10 groups
14 groups
18 groups
22 groups
34 groups
Arc power supply
10 kW
Bias power supply
10 kW
20 kW
30 kW
40 kW
50 kW
Ultimate vacuum (Torr)
5x10-6 Torr
Process cycle
90 kVA
 90 kVA
90 kVA
95 kVA
95 kVA
Power requirement

independent grounding

independent grounding

 independent grounding

independent grounding

independent grounding

  1. Fully automated control (IPC & PLC), with composite multilayer film coating system.
  2. Relevant parameter control of the coating, for plating colors that can be golden yellow, bronze, gray, brown, black, gray-black, seven colors, etc.
  3. Process and production alarm data stored to facilitate data collection and equipment maintenance.
  4. No harmful substances are generated during the coating process, which eliminate environmental safety treatment costs caused by the wet process.
  5. The surface of the film has high compactness, and its functionality and color are better than traditional wet process electroplating.
  6. The low-mounted cavity is matched with the planetary revolution and rotation mechanism, which is suitable for mass production of various sizes of workpieces.
  7. Comply with EU CE safety standards and technical specifications (optional).
  8. The setting trolley is convenient for Loading/Unloading production and improves production efficiency.
  9. Bilingual interface operation.
  10. Independent safety loop power supply and multiple emergency stop switch settings enhance the safety of the operator and maintenance personnel.

Hardware, tools, bathroom hardware, knife and scissors, cutting tools, various hardware tools, various molds, etc.


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