Automotive Headlights Coating Equipment

The manufacturing process for automobile lights is coating extremely shiny aluminum on the plastic surface to make it reflective, then applying a topcoat with a patterned transparent light shell.  The principle of using the reflective effect applied on a smooth paraboloid, focusing the light on the focal length of the paraboloid in order to form a parallel beam and sculpturing the light with convex lens to achieve the lighting effect. Quantity and quality, of the finished product passing the testing standards, and being environmental friendly are the key issues of this process.


DYP Series-Top Coating in the Vacuum Chamber on the DYPE series is specially designed for automobile light reflectors. The HVMP process can complete the deposition and topcoat process in the same vacuum chamber, without breaking vacuum, which will enhance the quality, productivity and reduce production floor space requirements, as well as avoid pollution and waste caused by atmospheric spraying.