• Cathodic Arc Coating

Cathodic Arc Coating

Model : DYAC

Conventional electroplating process has various advantages, but it leads to serious pollution problems. Upon our risen awareness of green environmental, DahYoung are implementing environment-friendly vacuum coating equipment which complying with global environmental protection standard.

With over 50 years of experiences in vacuum coating, DahYoung Vacuum Coating System offering a wide range of application, such as hard film coating, abrasion resistant coating and exterior coating. The latest Arc-coater which implementing with cathode arc, magnetron sputtering, ion source and HiPIMS (high power pulsed magnetron sputtering) are our objective to emerge those particular technology in one system to provide a total solution for our customer. DYAC series are inducing high-performance coating equipment that fulfill manufacture demanding and the increasingly stringent requirements which been equipped with modern manufacturing technology , for cutting, stamping, molding, metal die-casting and also plastic processing industry to offer the best solution for our customers.

  1. Fully Automation control(IPC & PLC),Multilayer deposition coating system.
  2. Applicable to multiple coating method (Cathode Arc Evaporator, Magnetron Sputter, Ion source, HiPIMS power supply )to fulfill various deposition coating demand.
  3. Planetary structure of jig set with low lying chamber, equip for any dimension of product and capable for mass production.
  4. CE mark approved. Adherent to the aspect of safety and quality assurance, we design our product by inducing CE safety standard and technical regulation.(Optional.)


Sanitary accessories, faucet, door handle, furniture hardware,3C devices, tableware (knife, fork), glasses, watches, belt head, drill head cutter, screw fastener.


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