• Cathodic Arc Coating Machine

Cathodic Arc Coating Machine

Model : DYHC-A

The application of ion plating is mainly divided into two categories: decorative coating and tool coating.

The purpose of decorative coating is mainly to improve the appearance of the workpiece, the durability and the different color requirements, so that the workpiece is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to prolong its service life; the other aspects mainly apply to various fields of the hardware industry, such as door and window hardware, tools, bathroom hardware, etc. industry.

The purpose of tool coating is mainly to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface and improve the service life of the workpiece; the other is mainly applied to various cutting and cutting tools (such as milling cutters, planing knives, drilling knives, Cutting knives, etc.), various hardware tools (such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc.), various molds and other products.

With excellent cavity design and independent power supply configuration, Dah Young Vacuum Team can provide 4~10 sets of target points according to customer requirements to meet the purpose of customization.With the SCR temperature automatic control configuration, 4 sets of heaters are 36kW, and rapid heating improves mass production efficiency.

 Coating Substrate  Metal
 Coating Technology  Cathodic arc evaporation
 Coating Materials  Plated into various metal films (such as Ag, Cu, Al, etc.)
 Nitride film (TiN, ZrN, CrN, TiAlN)
 Carbide film (TiC, TiCN)
 Oxide film (such as TiO, AlTiO, etc.)
 Coating Color  Designed according to customer needs
 Chamber Material  SUS304
 Operating system  PLC automatic and manual control.
 Weight  ~5000kg
 Parts brand  Huatinger , Pfeiffer , Leybold, etc.
 Exhaust system  Pfeiffer , Leybold...etc.
 Cavity diameter  Ø1000mm
 Cavity height  H1000mm
 Number of rotation axes  7 axes (other designs can be designed according to product requirements)
 Effective coating diameter  Ø228mm
 Effective coating height  H750mm
 Coating method  Cathodic arc evaporation
 Number of evaporation sources  10 groups
 Evaporation power supply (kW)  10kW
 Ultimate vacuum (Torr)  5*10E-6 Torr
 Process cycle  Depending on the process
 Demand power  3 phase, 380V ±5%, 150A, 60Hz, independent grounding

  1. Fully automated control (IPC & PLC), composite multilayer film coating system.
  2. The cavity is matched with the planetary type common rotation mechanism, which is suitable for mass production of various sizes of workpieces.
  3. Research on metal thin films, metallic glass thin films, alloy thin films, nitride thin films, oxide thin films, carbide thin films, carbonitride thin films, and oxynitride thin films.
  4. No other harmful substances will be produced in the coating process, which can save the cost of environmental protection caused by the wet process.
  5. The surface of the film layer is high in density, and its functionality and color are superior to those of conventional wet process plating.
  6. The low-position cavity is matched with the planetary-type male rotation mechanism, which is suitable for mass production of various sizes of workpieces.
  7. Comply with EU CE safety standards and technical specifications (optional).
  8. The trolley is convenient for loading / Unloading production, providing production efficiency.
  9. Bilingual interface, image mode, easy to operate.
  10. Independent safety loop power supply and multiple sets of emergency stop switch settings to improve personnel operation safety.


Hardware, tools, bathroom hardware, knife and scissors, cutting tools, various hardware tools, various molds, etc.


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